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Zebra is a zebra who makes his first and only appearance in The Brightest Star.



Zebra lived in the Pride Lands under the reign of Mohatu. He persisted through a terrible drought during his king's reign.

The Brightest Star

After Mohatu finds a source of water to save the Pride Lands, he realizes that all the animals need to trust each other. He tells his subjects that they cannot harm one another until the drought has passed. Zebra then speaks up, saying that since the first law wasn't followed and was broken by Mohatu's kind, he wants the protection of the wildebeests. Nevertheless, Wildebeest doesn't want to go, as he doesn't trust the hippos near the river. A hippo speaks up and says that the only animal to be feared is the crocodile. Mohatu shouts at the animals to be silent. The animals begin to debate with each other, and Zebra says that it is every animal for themselves.

All of the animals run for the Great River in a massive stampede. Cheetah runs forward in a burst of speed and tries to overtake Giraffe and Zebra. Zebra kicks Cheetah in the chest, and the animals run over Cheetah as they rush forward to try and be the first at the river.

Zebra reaches the river first, racing forward to drink but becomes lodged in quicksand. All of the animals rush forward to try and pull Zebra out, but Zebra is firmly stuck. Mohatu arrives with Cheetah on his back at last and, seeing that Zebra is stuck, calls out to Crocodile for help. Crocodile appears and, digging his muscular legs into the bank, reaches his tail out to Zebra. Zebra grabs Crocodile's tail and is pulled to safety.

Zebra apologizes to Cheetah for kicking him, and all of the animals drink their share of the water, being cautious to avoid the quicksand. The animals of the Pride Lands return to the Great River over and over again, and Crocodile is constantly kind to them. At last, when the drought ends, Mohatu still journeys to the river to see his friends Crocodile, Zebra, Wildebeest, and Hippo.

Physical appearance

Long-legged and slender, Zebra sports a healthy body throughout Mohatu's terrible drought. His main pelt is white, crisscrossed with black stripes, and his ears are rimmed with dark fur. His muzzle is colored a grayish brown, and his eyes appear to be dark.


Zebra is well-known for his arrogance, which almost costs him his life. With misplaced confidence, Zebra believes himself to be a better judge than his king, and lets his own selfish intentions harm those around him. At the end of the story, he realizes his foolish ways and apologizes to those he has harmed.