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Zebby is a zebra who makes his first and only appearance in In the Fur of Another. He is a friend of Nala and Simba.


In the Fur of Another


Zebby at the end of the comic

Simba approaches his zebra friend, Zebby, and hides among his herd, hoping that Zazu will not find him. Zebby notices Simba's disguise, but Simba quiets him, afraid that he will spoil his disguise. After Simba walks up to Zebby, some zebras in his herd notice that it is Simba. After a little while, Simba gets bored, as zebras do nothing but graze in the grass throughout the day.

Then Nala does a surprise attack on Simba, which makes the zebras in Zebby's herd flee in panic. A pair of cheetahs approaches the cubs from the nearby bushes and corners them near a rocky cliff for having scared off the zebras they'd been planning on eating. Luckily, Zebby and his herd climb up the cliff and cause some rocks to roll off the cliff, and the cheetahs run off. After being saved from the cheetahs, Simba and Nala wash off the black paint they'd been using as stripes and spots in a nearby pool. Zazu flies to them, telling the cubs that Zebby had saved them from the cheetahs. Simba comments to his friends that it is fun acting like a different animal.

Physical appearance

Zebby looks like a typical young zebra.


Not much of Zebby's personality is revealed in the comic. However, Zebby is very loyal to his herd and his friends. This is proven when he saves Simba and Nala from cheetahs.