Zazu the Heartbreaker
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Per Hedman


Angel Rodriguez

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January 10, 2006



For coloring and informational errors, see here.

Zazu the Heartbreaker is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Simba and Nala help Zazu win the heart of a beautiful hornbill.


While teaching Simba and Nala, Zazu becomes hopelessly distracted by a beautiful female hornbill who sits preening nearby. Though Simba is bored by the lesson, Nala picks up on Zazu's feelings and asks him if he would like to get to know the female hornbill. Zazu is quick to deny his feelings, though he sighs wistfully at all the male attention she receives.

Not to be shut down, Nala encourages Zazu to give the female hornbill a present, and Simba jumps on the idea. Both cubs plaster flowers and fruits on Zazu, but their plan backfires when a hive of bees takes chase, forcing Zazu to run straight through a crowd of irritated male hornbills.

After the disaster, the cubs force Zazu to take a bath under a waterfall, but the weight of the water carries him into a pit of mud, where he gets covered head to wing in muck. Defeated and humiliated, Zazu trudges past the male hornbills, who laugh at him as he passes, and admits defeat to the cubs. Nala, however, refuses to give in and suggests that Zazu pretend to save the female hornbill from danger. Simba offers to play the part of a dangerous predator, and Zazu begrudgingly gives in.

The plan goes underway, but as Simba sneaks up on the female hornbill, he accidentally fumbles over a log and whacks Zazu down a steep embankment. The male hornbills erupt into laughter as the cubs scramble to the edge of the cliff, shouting for Zazu, who has been knocked unconscious by the fall. Just then, the female hornbill swoops past and lands beside Zazu, asking him if he is all right. Dazed, Zazu wonders how she knows who he is, and she explains that she knows every animal on the savanna.

Together, the two hornbills fly away, with the female hornbill complimenting Zazu on his hard task of teaching the future king of the Pride Lands. Meanwhile, the cubs watch with satisfaction, and Nala realizes that they had been wrong, for the female hornbill likes Zazu for who he is. Simba, on the other hand, is just glad that they do not have to sit through another one of Zazu's boring lessons.


  • This comic has several alternative titles, A Girlfriend for Zazu and Zazu's Charm.[1]
  • This comic has been released in two countries: Germany in 2006, 2012, and 2013, and the Netherlands in 2007.[1]



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