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Wiseguy is an owl who appears in Wiseguy the Owl.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Wiseguy the Owl

During a storm, a tree branch falls in front of Wiseguy's nest and blocks his tree hole. Desperate for help, he screeches his needs to the sky until Simba and his friends race to the rescue, removing the tree branch from in front of Wiseguy's nest. Upon catching his first glimpse of full-grown Simba, Wiseguy is anxious to leave, but he is unable to fly away due to fatigue and general weakness. Seeing the owl in distress, Simba offers him a ride on his back, and the owl begrudgingly accepts the offer.

The four unlikely friends set off until Pumbaa sees a mud hole and insists on stopping to wallow. Wiseguy, however, warns the warthog to keep away from the mud, and the friends realize that it is a spot of quicksand. Thankful to the owl, the three friends praise his intelligence and continue on their way.

Throughout the rest of their trip, the owl helps them with various activities, invoking jealousy from Timon, who wants to be the brains of the bunch. Annoyed with the owl, Timon challenges if there's anything Wiseguy doesn't know, and the owl comments mysteriously about a coming darkness. For once seeing a way to sound more intelligent than the owl, Timon shows him a dark cloud, and Wiseguy warns the friends to take cover.

Sure enough, a cloud of locusts descends on the savanna, and Simba and his friends race for cover. Once safely nestled into a cave, the friends observe an eclipse, fulfilling Wiseguy's prophecy about a coming darkness. Astounded that Wiseguy had known so much about the eclipse, the friends begin to question him, only to find that he has disappeared with the nighttime.

Physical appearance

A small but portly bird, Wiseguy sports russet feathers, broken only by lighter patches on his chest and face. A small goatee extends from his chin, and two tapered feathers top each side of his head. His beak and claws are a dull yellow, while his eyes are bright and black.

Personality and traits

As his nickname suggests, Wiseguy is an informed and intelligent bird. He is not one to accept help from other creatures, exposing his more prideful side, though he is thankful when help is offered to him.



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