Why Wild Dog Hunts
Why Wild Dog Hunts 1
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The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series




Rafiki Remembers


1995 – 1997



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Something happened to Wild Dog that turned him into a pack animal – let me tell you about it.

Why Wild Dog Hunts is a story from the Rafiki Remembers magazine collection. It was published in the 1990s as part of The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series.


One day, Wild Dog's mate falls ill, and his cousin Jackal offers to take him to a doctor. The two meet with the doctor, Hare, who tells Wild Dog to return to his sick mate while Hare prepares a medicine to be delivered to her. After the appointment, Hare gathers the necessary ingredients for the medicine and tells Impala to bring it to Wild Dog's mate. He then warns Impala to not look back as she makes her delivery.

Impala departs, but along the way, she smells a leopard and looks back. This causes her to trip, and the medicine she is carrying smashes on the ground. An angry Hare makes the medicine again and gives Zebra the same instructions he had given Impala. Along the way, Zebra sees a snake on the ground and kicks it away, which causes the medicine to smash once more.

Just then, a terrible howling breaks out from Wild Dog's den, for his wife has died. Wild Dog leaves his den and spots Zebra standing over the smashed medicine. Enraged, he calls together his relatives, and they chase Zebra for having failed to deliver the life-saving medicine. Zebra manages to escape, but from that time on, wild dogs hunt in packs and target impalas and zebras in particular for their failure to save Wild Dog's mate.