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What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock
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Hans Zimmer


Jay Rifkin


1M3 "What Am I Going To Do"
2M3 "Sunrise At Pride Rock"



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The Lion King: Complete Score


The Lion King


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"What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock" is a musical piece composed by Hans Zimmer for The Lion King. It is the underscore that plays during the rainstorm and Mufasa and Simba's morning lesson.


"What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock" was released as part of the complete film score, though the album was retracted after one day. On June 24, 2014, The Legacy Collection: The Lion King was released, with "What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock" having been remixed and released under the title "We Are All Connected".


"What Am I Going To Do? - Sunrise At Pride Rock" is the second score heard in the film. It starts playing when the rainstorm instigates and carries through the scene where Rafiki paints Simba. It continues on throughout Mufasa's lesson about the Circle of Life, and ends as Zazu arrives to deliver the morning report.

In the stage musical, the score is heard in the same sequence of events as its film counterpart, though it has been slightly altered. Officially, the music is split into two parts, "Pridelands" and "Rafiki Paints Simba".[1]


  • The first thirty seconds of the score can be heard in the beginning of "This Land (Score)".
  • The film omits a section, instead opting to use an insert of a flute rendition of the "Busa Simba" theme. "We Are All Connected" includes this insert.
  • The piece is actually comprised of two separate cues joined together. This is evidenced by the use of the second part of the track later in the film, when Timon and Pumbaa wake up Simba.


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