Watering Hole
Watering Hole
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Physical Information
Societal Information

Pride Landers

The Watering Hole is a location in the Pride Lands. It is one of the main sources of water in the kingdom.

Physical Attributes

Much like the water hole from the original film, the watering hole is situated in the center of the savanna, with a sparse grove of trees on its fringe. At the edge of the hole, the grasslands give way to sand, rocks, and stunt vegetation.


The Lion Guard

"Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots"

While searching for Flat Ridge Rock with the rest of the Lion Guard, Beshte gets the idea to ask Mbeya for directions. He declares that Mbeya usually hangs out at the watering hole during the day, and so the Lion Guard sets out for the watering hole to talk to Mbeya. Once there, Beshte gets into a lengthy conversation with the old rhinoceros until he is pulled away by Ono.

"Eye of the Beholder"

Beshte rushes into the Lair of the Lion Guard with news that he had heard from his friend, Kulu, at the watering hole.

"The Kupatana Celebration"

After rescuing a jackal pup named Dogo, the Lion Guard takes him to a hillside by the watering hole where he can stay while they patrol. Not long after this, Beshte and Bunga patrol past the watering hole, where Ma Tembo is bathing in the water.

"Fuli's New Family"

Following Bunga and Fuli's rescue from the Outlands, the Lion Guard decides to cool off at the watering hole.


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