Vuruga Vuruga's herd
Vuruga Herd
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Vuruga Vuruga

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The Lion Guard

Vuruga Vuruga's herd is a group of cape buffalo, led by Vuruga Vuruga. They are Pride Landers.


The Lion Guard


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The herd looks on as Kiara speaks to Vuruga Vuruga

The herd is vaguely mentioned by Kiara as she explains to Tiifu and Zuri that she doesn't want to be late for the Royal Buffalo Wallow.

When Kiara and her friends arrive some time later, they are greeted by the leader of the herd, Vuruga Vuruga, who appreciates Kiara's muddy appearance, believing her to be very understanding of what the Buffalo Wallow represents. After expressing gratitude to Tiifu and Zuru for caring about her, Kiara starts the Wallow. She and Vuruga Vuruga look on as the herd gleefully takes part in the event.

"The Ukumbusho Tradition"

When Ma Tembo's herd starts a stampede in order to flee a horde of bees, the Lion Guard resolves to clear their path lest any animals get hurt. Ono flies high above the commotion, where he spots Vuruga Vuruga and her herd resting in the path of the stampede. Fuli volunteers to deal with the buffalo and manages to scare them off the path just in time for the elephants to thunder past.

"The Golden Zebra"

Vuruga Vuruga's herd gets in an argument with Twiga's herd over Big Springs due to a severe drought. Kion defuses the situation. Later, Vuruga Vuruga leads her herd to Dhahabu Grove, where they can access drinking water.

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