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I guard this cave! Enter at your own peril!
―Victor's warning

Victor is a vulture who makes his first and only appearance in Two-Legged Creatures. He is the guardian of a cave that was once inhabited by watu, or humans.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Two-Legged Creatures

Well, the drawings do exist - I shall give you a personal guided tour!
―Victor to Fibber

When Pumbaa, Simba, Timon and their friend Fibber attempt to enter a cave, Victor sweeps down and shoos them back, introducing himself as the guardian of the cave. He then warns the friends to enter at their own risk. A bit startled at the vulture's appearance, Fibber proclaims that they want to see if the cave drawings are real, for they don't believe the tales. As Fibber had expected, Victor grows defensive and agrees to give the friends a guided tour.

Upon seeing the cave paintings, the friends are astounded. As they view the artwork, Victor proclaims that he has seen watu recently, despite the claim that they roamed the savanna thousands of years ago. He then promises to show the group the watu when they are better rested.

While on the voyage to find the watu, Victor is peppered with questions about the strange creatures and grows impatient by his companions' fervent curiosity. When they at last reach the location of the watu, Victor warns his friends that he will only show them the strange creatures if they will let him have a holiday with their family. Though at first reluctant to meet the vulture's demands, Fibber at last concedes.

Along with Victor, the friends survey the cave and fall asleep together among the watu tools. During the night, the watu come to take their things, leaving the five alone in the cave. The friends are astounded and rush home to tell Fibber's colony about their experiences. Victor joins the group and tells all he knows about the watu to the meerkat colony.

Physical appearance

Victor has gray feathers and a white belly as well as reddish-orange legs. His head and neck are a light pink color, and at the bottom of his neck are white feathers. His beak is more of a darker pink color.

Personality and traits

Though brittle and rough on the outside, Victor is secretly eager to show off what he knows and desires kinship with other creatures. He can be a bit short-tempered, but his intelligence and vast knowledge make up for his shortcomings.