Valley of the Thousand Eyes
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The Valley of the Thousand Eyes is a location. It is used as a fighting arena.


Fight for the Throne

Fisi concocts a plan to overthrow Simba, suggesting that they use Kesho the cheetah as their puppet. Fisi and his clan convince Kesho to challenge Simba, and the cheetah does so.

A fight is arranged between Kesho and Simba in order to determine the rightful ruler of the kingdom.

The day of the fight, the animals of the Pride Lands gather at the Valley of the Thousand Eyes, where Simba and Kesho face off. Shortly into the fight, Simba gains the upper paw, but Kesho leaps away from him and bounds out of the arena, halting before a shrub. When Simba goes to attack him, his claws embed in the poisonous shrub, and Kesho is able to use the king's weakness to defeat him.