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Ahadi (mate)
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Simba (grandson)
Kopa (great-grandson)
Sarabi (daughter-in-law)

Kopa: Wow! Grandfather and Great-grandfather were really something.
Rafiki: That they were. So was your great-grandmother Uru. She discovered a lake at the western edge of the Pride Lands, and many animals were saved from thirst.
Kopa and Rafiki

Uru is the queen of the Pride Lands in A Tale of Two Brothers. She is the mother of Mufasa and Scar.



Uru is the first named queen of the Pride Lands. Her succession right was either through marriage to Ahadi, who would be King Mohatu's son, or hereditary, with her being the king's daughter.

At some point during their reign, when her sons were in their adolescence, a drought struck the Pride Lands. While Ahadi stayed behind to tend to the kingdom, Uru set out in search of a new source of food and water, much like the King before her.

The Lion King

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?
Zazu to Scar

Uru is vaguely mentioned at the beginning of the film when Zazu asks Scar whether his mother ever taught him not to play with his food.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures

A Tale of Two Brothers

Uru is mainly absent from the story due to her quest. She is first mentioned by Ahadi when he tells Rafiki that she is searching for a new source of food and water for the Pride Lands. She is later mentioned by Rafiki himself as he relates the story to Kopa, explaining that Uru found a lake at the western edge of the Pride Lands that saved many animals from dying of thirst.

Personality and traits

Though her personality is not explored, it can be assumed that Uru is dauntless and dutiful, willing to separate from her family in order to save her subjects.


  • Uru's name is pronounced "oo-roo."[1]


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The Queen of the Pride Lands