Urembo Meadows
Urembo Meadows
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Physical Information

The Pride Lands

Societal Information
You need to look your best for your princessy duties.
Zuri on why Kiara is in Urembo Meadows

Urembo Meadows is a location in the Pride Lands.

Physical Attributes

Urembo Meadows is a wide, open series of plains in the Pride Lands. It is composed primarily of stunt green grass, though there are several patches of trees, shrubs, and yellow flowers. When floodwaters engulf Urembo Meadows, the flood leaves behind a section of high ground that is eventually worn away by the current.


The Lion Guard


When Kiara, the princess of Pride Rock, is tasked with announcing the Royal Buffalo Wallow, her friends Tiifu and Zuri take her to Urembo Meadows to improve her appearance. While there, the three cubs are stuck in a rainstorm and take shelter under a tree. When the storm blows over, Tiifu and Zuri begin to roll around in the flowers, commenting that they smell even better after the rains.

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Floodwaters surge through Urembo Meadows, trapping Kiara and her friends on an island

Just then, floodwaters surge onto the meadows, trapping the cubs on an island in the midst of the plains. Eventually, Ono spots the trapped friends and leads the rest of the Lion Guard to the edge of the floodwaters. Kion attempts to create a tree bridge, while Kiara tries to make a path of stepping stones, but both plans fail.

Kion suddenly gets the idea to combine his and Kiara's plans. While Beshte and Bunga heave a large boulder into the floodwaters, Kiara and her friends knock a dead tree across the river and cross to safety.


  • "Urembo" means "decoration" in Swahili.[1]


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