Up in the Clouds
Up in the Clouds 1
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The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series




Rafiki Remembers


1995 – 1997



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Have you ever wondered why animals don't live up in the clouds? Here is one explanation...

Up in the Clouds is a story from the Rafiki Remembers magazine collection. It was published in the 1990s as part of The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series.


While sheltering from the sun, the animals of the savanna begin to lament how there are no female animals for them to take as their mates. Just then, Hare arrives and advises the animals to look in the clouds for their wives. Though Monkey is hesitant to believe Hare, Spider spins a strong web for the animals to use to climb into the heavens.

Once in the clouds, the animals discover that Hare is right: there is a female for each of them to take as their mate. Even Hare finds himself a wife. While the animals are celebrating, Hare sneaks into his future wife's house and eats nearly all of her maize. In order to get out of trouble, he takes threads from the remaining maize and inconspicuously drapes them over Spider.

When it is discovered that the maize has been eaten, Hare declares that the culprit will have threads from the maize hanging on him. His mother-in-law searches all the animals and accuses Spider of having stolen the maize. The other animals begin to scold Spider, who, after indignantly defending his honor, decides to leave the heavens and take his web with him.

Without Spider's web, the other animals are forced to jump. Hare knows that each animal will die upon impact with the ground, so he waits until it is only he and Elephant that are left before he suggests that they jump together. With Hare clinging to his back, Elephant jumps and is killed, but Hare survives.