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Toucan Dan
Toucan Dan
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Toucan Dan

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Lying No-Good Toucan Dan







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Dangerously Clever Criminal Mastermind

I am not Toucan Dan.
—Toucan Dan

Toucan Dan is an antagonist from The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. He is a toucan who is a dangerously clever criminal mastermind, as he is a convincing liar who can make anyone believe anything he says.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"I Don't Bolivia"

When Timon has trouble getting a snail out of its shell, Pumbaa suggests he uses Toucan Dan, who is in a cage with a rope tied to his beak so he doesn't speak. When Timon walks up to the toucan, Pumbaa tells him that Toucan Dan is a liar who makes everyone believe anything he says, according to the signs.

When Timon removes the rope from Toucan Dan's beak, Toucan Dan tricks Timon into freeing him from his cage. After Timon does so, The Vulture Police show up and make Timon recapture Toucan Dan. After Timon and Pumbaa capture Toucan Dan, the toucan repeatedly tricks Timon into freeing him from his cage.

Toucan Dan in cage

Toucan Dan captured by Timon and Pumbaa

Pumbaa has had enough of Toucan Dan repeatedly escaping, so Timon suggests that he impersonates Toucan Dan. The Vulture Police show up and see Timon disguised as Toucan Dan. The vultures release "Toucan Dan" and tell him that they're going to feed him to the lions.Timon then admits that he's not really Toucan Dan, but the police won't believe him.

Toucan Dan Timon impersonation

Toucan Dan impersonates Timon

Toucan Dan shows up disguised as Timon. Timon and Toucan Dan have Pumbaa determine which one's the real Timon. When the warthog is unable to tell who's who, the Vulture Police put Timon and Toucan Dan in stockades and see which one of the two can easily break the snail's shell. Pumbaa can finally tell which one's the real Timon.

"Alcatraz Mataz"

You're stuck in there forever whilst I, Toucan Dan, run around free as a bird, which I am.
—Toucan Dan to Timon and Pumbaa

Toucan Dan confronted

Toucan Dan gets confronted by the Vulture Police

Toucan Dan frames Timon and Pumbaa for stealing a train car full of beak polish. So the Vulture Police throw the duo in jail. Angry at Toucan Dan, Timon and Pumbaa try to escape in order to catch him.

After all the attempts to break out of prison, Timon and Pumbaa arrive at Toucan Dan's hideout to make him admit that he stole the train car full of beak polish and told the police they did it. The Vulture Police show up and find out the truth. After they arrest Toucan Dan, they throw Timon and Pumbaa back in prison since they escaped when they told them not to.

Physical appearance

Toucan Dan has the ordinary toucan appearance: slender with black and white feathers, blue eyes, and a tri-colored beak. In addition to that, he wears a red fez.

Personality and traits

Toucan Dan sneaky

A screenshot of Toucan Dan, reflecting his clever and sneaky nature

He's a liar and can make anyone believe anything he says.
—Pumbaa about Toucan Dan

Toucan Dan is a dangerously clever criminal mastermind toucan. Timon and Pumbaa call him "Lying No-Good Toucan Dan" because everything he says is a lie. He is a convincing liar and impersonator who makes anyone believe anything he says. He would also do anything to get someone in trouble.

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