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Toot (son)

Any friend of my son is a friend of mine!
―Toot's Mother to Timon[1]

Toot's Mother is a female elephant.

A young Toot befriends Timon the meerkat, who becomes his fast friend. When the two are separated and Timon finds himself trapped beneath a rockfall, Toot's mother and her herd come to the rescue. The entire herd celebrates Timon's rescue.


Timon in Trouble

When Toot wanders off from his herd, his mother comes looking for him. She chastises him for wandering off by himself and questions where he has been, to which Toot replies that he has made a new friend: Timon the meerkat. Though Toot's mother greets him kindly, Timon is intimidated by her large size. After introductions are made, Toot's mother leads her son back to their herd, and Toot yells goodbye to his new friend.

Not long after this, Pumbaa and Simba come looking for Timon, and Toot lets them know in which direction he had gone. The two thank the elephants and move off to search for their friend.

Eventually, Pumbaa and Simba find Timon trapped beneath a rockfall, and they come to Toot's herd for help. The elephants follow them willingly, and the lead elephant removes the boulder that is trapping Timon. Once safe, Timon leads the elephants in a trumpeting song.

Physical appearance

Not if I see your mega-sized mum first!
Timon on Toot's mother[1]

Toot's mother is an enormous elephant with a huge trunk. Despite her large size, she is described as having a gentle voice.

Personality and traits

Toot's mother is gentle and kind, and looks out for her son, Toot. She is open to meeting strangers and has declared that any friend of her son's is a friend of hers.


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