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Tombo's herd
Tombo's Herd
The Pride Lands
Simba and the Sad Elephant

Tombo's Herd is a group of elephants from Simba and the Sad Elephant.


Simba and the Sad Elephant

Tombo was exiled from his herd for his unruly behavior of squirting water at animals and annoying them. Simba and Nala attempt to re-integrate him into his herd. Tombo's mother doesn't mind him and begs Simba to help her son come back.

A thunderstorm begins to form, the lightning setting the plains afire. Using his water-spraying abilities, Tombo puts out the fire.

With this act, the herd accepts him back, and he is named "Hero of the Year" by the lead Bull Elephant. Instead of spraying others with his water, he uses it only to bathe himself.

Notable Members

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