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Toktokkie Beetle

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Familial Information

Unnamed wife

The time has come to find myself a wife. Now that it is spring, I would like a friendly spouse and lots of little Toklets.

Tok is a male toktokkie beetle.

When Tok decides to find himself a wife, he searches far and wide for a suitable mate. However, when he has no luck, he decides to send out a message of his intentions to the other beetles. After a chance encounter with a bee, he learns that messages can be sent using dance. In this way, he attracts the attention of a female beetle whom he takes as his wife.


Rafiki Remembers

Toktokkie the Beetle

When Tok decides that he would like to find himself a wife, he takes to combing the land for a suitable mate. That day, Tok walks around looking for a wife, but come nightfall, he has had no luck. Exhausted, he lies down to rest and laments his poor luck. Before falling asleep, however, he resolves to send out a message to the other beetles that he is looking for a wife.

Tok and bee

Tok gets advice from a passing bee

The next day, Tok encounters a bee, who explains that he has been given a message about the location of many flowers with pollen. Tok questions how the bee had gotten his message, and the bee says that the messenger had performed a dance to inform the others of where the flowers were.

Tok decides to try dancing himself, but he falls on the first attempt. Eventually, he keeps his balance and begins to make a tapping sound as he dances. The noise attracts a female beetle, who explains that she had been curious about the "tok, tok, tok" noise she had heard. Pleased with the attention, Tok introduces himself to her and invites her to go on a walk with him. The two eventually get married, and from that point onward, beetles mimic Tok's dance to attract mates. This is why they are called "toktokkie" beetles.

Physical appearance

Tok is a rotund beetle, with a small head and spindly legs. He is reddish-brown in color, with large yellow eyes and two stunt antennae on his head.

Personality and traits

Tok is eager to please and craves attention. He is willing to go to great lengths to achieve his goals and will try continuously until he achieves his goals.