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Timon's father

Timon's father
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Timon's Colony

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Ma (mate)
Timon (son)

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The Lion King 1½


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

Your mother and I dig these tunnels to keep you safe. We dig these tunnels because we love you.
—Timon's father to Timon

Timon's Father is a deleted character who was set to appear in The Lion King 1½.


Unlike his son, Timon's father is well-built with bulky arms and a strong physique. His hair is cropped short, and his elbows are bushy, as opposed to the smooth elbows of Ma. However, his fur color is unknown due to the concept drawings of him being colorless.


Despite his tough-looking appearance, Timon's father is easily scared. His character is almost identical to Uncle Max's.


The Lion King 1½


Timon's father with Timon

In a deleted scene, Timon joins his father on sentry duty. Timon asks his father why the colony has to dig tunnels, and his father says that they are just food for other animals. Timon wants a better life, but his father says that he is proud of the tunnels. Ma comes and brings food, and Timon's father leaves to continue digging.   

Later in the film, the meerkat colony is going to the presentation of Simba. Timon insists that they break through the crowd, but his father says that their place is behind all the other animals. Timon doesn't accept it. In front of the meerkats, sit two hippos. Timon insults them, and the meerkats hide in tunnels. Timon's father apologizes to the hippos.


  • According to director Bradley Raymond, Timon's father was deleted from the movie because there were too many characters in the story. His lines were instead transferred to Ma and Uncle Max.
  • Timon's father appears in several deleted scenes.[1]



The Lion King 3 - Deleted Scenes (napisy PL)11:44

The Lion King 3 - Deleted Scenes (napisy PL)


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