Timon's banishment
Timon's banishment
Timon's Banishment
Timon’s Banishment
The Meerkat Colony
Duke Meerkat
Timon's Colony
Timon gets banished from his colony
The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

Tragic loss of my daughter is a direct result of your failure to perform your meerkat duty. Timon Berkowitz, you’ve been found guilty for abandoning your guard post and your sentence is banishment!
—The Duke banishes Timon from the colony

Timon’s Banishment is a punishment on Timon by the Duke Meerkat due to him abandoning his guard post and unknowingly letting a cobra kidnap Tatiana, the Duke’s daughter.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

Once Upon a Timon

Timon on trial

Timon on trial

When the Duke leaves the colony for the day, Fred convinces Timon, who is guarding the back gate, that it is now his chance to go on a date with Tatiana. Timon, however, states that he cannot leave his post as it will result in him getting banished, but according to Fred, not if he doesn’t get caught. Thinking that his friend might be right, Timon places a mop as a dummy in the back gate and prepares for his date with Tatiana. However, a cobra shows up, invades the colony, and kidnaps Tatiana, making the entire colony believe the princess is dead. The guards realize that Timon abandoned his post and chase the meerkat until the Duke returns.

The Banishment

Having heard about the presumed death of his daughter, the Duke puts Timon on trial, telling him that he has been found guilty for abandoning his guard post. Therefore, Timon is sentenced to banishment.


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