This page is dedicated to the errors that take place in literature related to The Lion King and its sequels.


Information Errors

  • Mheetu is listed as Simba's little brother in A Great Leap. This is a mistake, since Mheetu is Nala's little brother instead of Simba's. In addition, Bhati is misspelled as "Bahti".[1]
  • Nala's eye color is described as "golden" (Nala's Dare, page 19) and "amber" (Follow the Leader, page 21), which is a mistake, due that Nala's eyes color during the movie was green/blue; however, the illustration portrays Nala with her original green/blue color.[2]
  • In a Simba's Pride story book, published by Grolier Books, the mistakes include...
    • Simba's colors are dull burnt orange while Nala is slightly gray. Kiara is the same burnt orange as Simba.
    • It claims that "Rafiki painted Kiara's picture next to that of her father, Simba". This is wrong since in the film, he painted Kiara's picture next to Kovu's.
    • Zira's eyes appear blue throughout the entire book.
    • On page 9, Kovu is colored without the lighter markings on his chest.
    • Throughout the entire book Kovu is shown to have a triangle of fur hanging down from his neck which is the same color as his main pelt--this is never shown in the film.
    • Simba and Zira walk in the wrong directions to their home from what was shown in the film.
    • When the book describes Simba scolding Kiara about leaving the Pride Lands, the picture looks more similar to that of the scene in which he tells her to be careful and follow the path he marked for her, since it is during the day and takes place on Pride Rock rather than beside it.
    • When Kovu confronts Simba about joining his pride, Rafiki, Nala and Kiara are badly edited into the picture. This can be seen firstly because Kiara is standing through a rock, despite water rippling around her paws and how Rafiki is seen with thick black lines and in the same position as an earlier picture.
    • The book claims, "Zira's spies watched Kovu and Kiara begin to form a friendship. They would report to Zira that her plan was working;" however, it is in fact Zira and Nuka who are in the picture.
    • Kovu is shown with his scar even before he has gotten it, while Simba talks to him about Scar.
    • Nuka and Zira are shown on the next page, however this scene looks more like when they are spying on Kovu and Kiara as it is night in the picture.
    • Nuka never gets his full mane throughout the book.
    • When Kovu is exiled, Simba is seen glaring over the edge of Pride Rock, as he should be. However, Kiara is also seen glaring, which she shouldn't be, as she is sad about Kovu's departure.
    • During the battle, there are sixteen Outsiders, but only four Pridelanders (not including Simba and Nala).
    • In the final picture, three almost identical lions are badly edited into the picture. They are identical in position and shape, barring the direction of their eyes and their colors.
    • For some reason, Rafiki is pointing his staff at Simba and Nala, who are sitting right beside each other, while Kovu and Kiara are separated.
    • Timon is seen with his entire face being colored the same as his muzzle, chest and stomach.[3]
  • In The Power of the Roar, on page 21, Beshte is missing his tuft of hair.[4]

Coloring Errors

  • Ahadi is described as lion "with a black mane and bright green eyes" in A Tale of Two Brothers. However, the illustrations portrays him differently as having dark golden fur and a reddish-brown mane (opposing to what the description says).[5]
  • In Simba's Pride Mouseworks Storybook, Zira is portrayed with blue eyes (instead of red), while her fur color is brownish and her forehead stripe seems to be a light brown, instead of being dark (as in the movie).[6]
  • Nuka's fur color is brownish instead of being grayish in Simba's Pride Mouseworks Storybook. Also his mane color appears to be brown, instead of black.[7]
  • In a Simba's Pride Golden Storybook, Zira is also portrayed differently (compared to her movie appearance). This time, her fur color is dark brown and her forehead stripe is a very light brown. Her eyes seems to be a very dark blue (almost black).[8]
  • Nuka's and Vitani's appearance are also different in Simba's Pride Golden Storybook (compared to their movie appearance). Nuka's red eyes aren't portrayed, meanwhile Vitani doesn't have her blue eyes and pink nose.[9]
  • Kovu's mane color and hair tuft (as a cub) appears to be black instead of brown in Simba's Pride Golden Storybook. [10][11]
  • In an unknown Dutch book, throughout the whole story Kovu 's fur color appears to be orangish and has apple green eyes (similar to Scar) instead of emerald eyes.[12]
  • In the same Dutch book (previous one), Vitani has a brown nose, instead of pink. Also the inner part of her body is darker and the outer part, which is a mistake; meanwhile, Zira doesn't have her forehead stripe and her fur color is brown (throughout all the story), instead of yellow. Also, Scar's fur color is a light brown, instead of orange, while Simba's mane is pale.[13][14][15]
  • In one page of Simba's Big Secret, Sarafina has dark fur, red eyes and eye rims. However, in the the next page, she looks the way she does in the film.


Information Errors

  • A lemur appears in A Kinglike Hair-Do, which is a mistake, since lemurs live in Madagascar.[16]
  • The Birthday Present, The Talking Tree, The Journey, and The Shooting Star contradict The Lion King, as in those comics, Simba, as a cub, interacts with Rafiki. In the movie, Simba, by the time he is an adult, seemed to have never met Rafiki at any point during the time in the Pride Lands before his father's death.[17][18][19][20]
  • In the Swedish version of A Gift from the Heavens, Joe claims to be Mufasa's great-great-great-grandfather. However, Simba later calls Joe his great-great-great-grandfather after the lion rescues him.
  • In the original, German version of A Gift from the Heavens, the parrots claim that the first king of the Pride Lands had three daughters ("drei töchter").[21][22] However, in the Swedish version of the comic, it is mentioned that he had three sons ("tre soner").[23][24]
  • The English translation of The Day of the Crocodiles incorrectly spells Makuu's name "Makku".
  • In the Hakuna Matata! comics, Nala, as a cub, is seen with Timon and Pumbaa. However, she does not meet them nor sees the jungle home until she is an adult.

Coloring Errors

  • In an unknown Estonian comic, Sarafina appears to be colored much darker as Sarabi, and her toes are colored to match her underside color, which is a mistake, due that Sarafina posses colorless paws.[25]
  • Nala in most of The Lion King comics appears to be have a slight dark fur (compared to her light fur color as a cub from the movie).[26]
  • Nala 's chin is seen miscolored in page 4 from Simba and the Snake. [27]
  • In Simba and the Snake (page 5), Mufasa 's mane is colored with a pale orange, instead of his mane's red original color. Not to mention, that later on his chin is colored as tan instead of yellow, meanwhile, Sarabi is colored pale as Sarafina and her ear rims are seem missing.[28][29]
  • Simba is portrayed with green eyes and light tan fur (much like Nala), while Sarabi's tail is miscolored green in the 7th page from Simba and the Snake. [30][31]
  • In Trouble in Paradise (page 2), cub Nala is seen with blue eyes (opposed to her apple green eyes as a cub from the movie).[32]
  • In Trouble in Paradise (page 3), cub Nala also appears to have ear rims (besides of her blue eyes), while later, her eyes color switches from blue to red (looking very similar to Sarabi ).[33][34]
  • The same problems happens in A Girlfriend for Zazu, where cub Nala is portrayed with blue eyes and ear rims.[35]
  • Cub Nala appears to have blue eyes and ear rims yet again in the first page from Simba's New Brother.[36]
  • In the third page from Simba's New Brother, Malka's chin is miscolored.[37]
  • In The Cheeky Bird (page 4), Nala appears to have ear rims again but this time they're black instead of tan or brown. Its unknown whether adult Nala's eyes are green or blue.[38]
  • In Rafiki's Cousin (page 5), cub Nala has black ear rims again.[39]
  • Later on, in the sixth page from Rafiki's Cousin, Sarabi and Sarafina swapped colors.[40]
  • Cub Nala is seen to have black ear rims yet again through all the entire first page from The Flying Lion.[41]
  • In The Orphaned Birds (page 6), the artist accidentally swapped Simba 's and Tojo 's colors in the first panel, while later on, Tojo (now well colored) appears with no ear rims.[42][43]
  • In The Family Tree (page 1), cub Nala 's cheek is miscolored (having the same color as her chin) and she appears with ear rims.[44]
  • In From Shadow to Shadow (page 1) Simba 's eyes are colored all red, while his eyelids are miscolored too.[45]
  • Simba's eyelids are colored darker during the first page from Landslide. Meanwhile Timon has pale fingers and toes, and Pumbaa has white toes.[46][47]
  • In The Landslide King (page 2), the artist probably forgot to color Simba's eyes, leaving them white.[48]
  • In Wake Up (page 1), Simba appears to have dark eyelids again, while his nose resembles to an Outlander nose.[49]
  • In Small Giants (page 6), cub Nala has visible whiskers (which she never had).[50]
  • The Simon look-alike who appears in the comic, Dream Child is speculated to be a badly colored Simon, due that his design is almost identical to Simon's one, with the exception that the Simon look-alike fur color is red and head tuft is orange, while Simon's fur color and part of his head tuft is purple (besides other small differences).[51]
  • Later on, on the sixth page from Dream Child, Nala's and Simba's colors are swapped.[52]
  • During short moments from Dream Child, Simba's ear rims were missing.[53]
  • In Hakuna Matata (page 6) the artist probably forgot to color Simba's eyes, leaving them white again.[54]
  • In Dirty Cub, throughout all the story, Sarabi's fur color appears to be pale (similar to Sarafina's), while at the last panel from the last page, her ear rims are missing.[55]
  • In A Kinglike Hair-Do, in which Simba 's ear rims sometimes are missing.[56]
  • In The Disguised Zebra, Sarabi appears pale colored (like Sarafina) and without her ear rims, while at the last page, Simba also appears without ear rims (at the first panel).[57]
  • Mufasa's mane appears to be pale throughout all the story from The Journey.[58]
  • In Simba and the Sad Elephant, Sarabi is portrayed very pale, instead of being dark.[59]
  • Mufasa's claws are unpainted, leaving them white in A Royal Fib (page 3).[60]
  • Simba's ear rims disappeared for a moment in At the Last Second's first page.[61]
  • Sarabi is portrayed very pale again, while Mufasa's mane color is also a pale red in An Unusual Choir (page 1).[62]
  • The same problem occurs in Completely Safe, yet again Sarabi's fur color is pale like Sarafina's.[63]
  • In Dry Season (page 1), Mufasa's mane is portrayed pale again.[64]
  • The same mistake occurs with Simba during Finding Food, in which his mane looks very pale (instead of being vivid red).[65]
  • Throughout all the story from In the Fur of Another, cub Nala has colored toes.[66]
  • In Monkey Magic (page 3), Simba's left paw is colorless, which is a mistake since Simba has colored toes.[67]
  • Later on in Monkey Magic (page 5), Simba's left paw seems miscolored and lighter compared to his other paws.[68]
  • In On His Own Four Paws, Sarabi is still portrayed very pale compared to her original fur color.[69]
  • King Joe's ear is the same color as his mane in one panel of "A Gift from the Heavens". [70]
  • In The Day of the Crocodiles, Zuri is colored like Kiara. In addition, she has brown eyes and no markings on her ears or face.[71]


Information Errors

  • In Mummy Pumbaa, an egg is described as being white, but when it's pictured, it's pink.[72]
  • Also in Mummy Pumbaa, Simba is referred to as an adult despite being pictured as a cub.[73]

Coloring Errors

  • Sarabi appears oddly colored (with Sarafina's colors) in the 10th cover from one of the: The Lion King: A Nature and Fun series magazines.[74]
  • Scar appears oddly yellow colored in the 77th cover from one of the The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn series magazines.[75]

Other Errors

  • In Disney's Adventure: The Lion King Roars Again In Simba's Pride, Kiara is portrayed with a similar Outlander nose, instead of her Pridelander nose.[76]

Activity Books

Coloring Errors

  • Kovu and Kiara appear oddly colored in an activity book cover called The Lion King: Simba's Pride-Pride Lands Activity Books. Kovu's eyes are blue (instead of green), and his fur color is orangish (similar to Scar), instead of brown. Also, his eyelids, hair tuft and inner ears have the same color (reddish brown), and Kovu's inner ear rims doesn't appear. Meanwhile, Kiara's fur color is pink, while her upper eyelid is orange and her lower eyelid is light pink. Kiara's eyes are orange instead of red, and her inner ears are colored brown, instead of dark yellow. Her nose color is too much pale.[77]
  • The same problem happens to Kiara in another activity book cover called The Lion King: Simba's Pride-Fun to Color. Kiara's portrayal is exactly the same as in the previous activity book.[78]

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Grolier Books Mistakes


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