Title card of The Lion King: Bloopers & Outtakes

The Lion King: Bloopers & Outtakes is a short sequence added to the end credits of the Diamond Edition of The Lion King, in which characters are represented as live actors. Scenes were mostly of the characters forgetting their lines, making mistakes, or just being silly.

List of Sequences

  • Timon pulling a muscle in his leg and bursting into laughter.
  • Shenzi practicing her laugh, while a bored-looking Ed watches.
  • Timon spitting out a "bad bug" that he ate.
  • Scar cannot pronounce the word "responsible."
  • Nala forgets her line, "Simba is the rightful king."
  • Rafiki falling asleep on a rock during shooting of a scene with Simba.
  • Pumbaa letting out gas during shooting.
  • Rafiki carrying baby Simba but stumbling and letting Simba fall from Pride Rock.