The Lion Guard Adventure
The Lion Guard Adventure
Animal Kingdom
February 7, 2016
March 2016

The Lion Guard Adventure is an Animal Kingdom attraction inspired by The Lion Guard.


The Lion Guard Adventure allows park guests to track down the five main characters of the television show - Kion, Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, and Ono - who are represented by colorful statues scattered across the park. Each statue is accompanied by signs that list attributes of the found character and emphasize the Circle of Life and conservation.

At the end of the attraction, guests can mark their completion of the event at Rafiki's Planet Watch. Disney cast members welcome the guests back, after which they are allowed to take a special pledge to become honorary members of the Lion Guard and receive a special button. The end area includes fun activities, characters from The Lion King, and a photo-op with Rafiki.[1]

The attraction opened on February 7, 2016. It lasted through late March.[2]



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