Name Hidden Valley
Home to A Multitude of Snakes
Appearances Trouble in Paradise
Tama: I have never seen so many beautiful Flowers at once!
Nala: Look at all the colors
—Nala and Tama comment on the hidden valley

The Hidden Valley is an area discovered by Nala. It was featured in Trouble in Paradise.

Physical Attributes

The Hidden Valley is a valley filled with lively colors, butterflies, and beautiful flowers hidden within a wide gap inside a cliff discovered by Nala. Towards the end of the valley is a steep waterfall.


When Nala and Tama go through a gap inside the cliff, it reveals the Hidden Valley's beautiful features, but the valley's features don't interest Simba, and the young cub lies down for a nap. While Nala and Tama are occupied discovering more of the valley's features, they hear Simba's cry for help, and race to find Simba surrounded by multiple snakes. When they come to his aid, the two cubs climb up a nearby tree, and bend one of the branches to help Simba. Luckily, Simba climbs on, and the cubs later decide to jump off the tree, and climb onto some rocks on the side of the waterfall. Meanwhile, Zazu notices the cubs, and wonders why they are here. The cubs climb up a waterfall, but the snakes still pursue the cubs, until Tama jumps onto a loose rock which pushes the snakes off the rocks on the waterfall. Simba, Nala, and Tama successfully climb on top of the waterfall, and Zazu assist the cubs on exiting the valley so they can return home to Pride Rock. Zazu explains his knowledge of the hidden valley, and suspects Simba knew of the entrance to the valley. Simba claims he doesn't, as he followed Tama and Nala there. Finally, Simba claims the valley was no playground for cubs to which Nala replies, "Ack Simba!"

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