The Hakuna Matata Restaurant
Adventure Land
April 12, 1992

Hakuna Matata Restaurant (in French, Restaurant Hakuna Matata) is a Lion King-themed restaurant located in Adventureland in Disneyland Paris. Originally, when the park opened in 1992, the restaurant was known as Les Epices Enchantées (The Enchanted Spices). As the main building of the African area of Adventureland, it features many African artifacts in the setting of a peaceful jungle. Its original meals, however, could have been inspired by Africa, Asia or the West Indies. With the release of the movie The Lion King in 1994, the perfect theme came through to link the restaurant to the Disney universe. Therefore, it was renamed Hakuna Matata Restaurant around 1995. The building itself remains unaltered though, except for murals of the characters Timon and Pumbaa which were added later.


The entire complex, with the entrance to the restaurant in view.

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