The Greedy Buffalo
The Greedy Buffalo 1
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The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series




Rafiki Remembers


1995 – 1997



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The buffalo was once a feared hunter, but today he only eats grass. How did this happen?

The Greedy Buffalo is a story from the Rafiki Remembers magazine collection. It was published in the 1990s as part of The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series.


Long ago, Buffalo was a fierce hunter who ate meat and was feared by all the animals on the savanna. One day, he caught a lion, who begged the buffalo to spare his life. The buffalo agreed to let Lion live so long as Lion would bring him food whenever he desired.

First, Buffalo instructed Lion to catch an antelope, which he ate without giving a scrap to Lion. Months went by, and Buffalo began to grow big and fat, gorging himself on four full meals a day. Meanwhile, Lion became starved and thin, and did not have enough time to care for his cubs.

One day, Buffalo ordered Lion to catch him one of every animal in the bush. Outraged, Lion proclaimed that he hardly had time to feed his own family and begged Buffalo to release him from his promise. The ever resolute Buffalo refused and sent Lion on his way, but Lion simply proclaimed that he would start collecting every animal on the savanna by killing Buffalo. He then leaped onto Buffalo's back and killed him with a swift bite to the neck.

That day, Lion and his family feasted on Buffalo's flesh and decided that buffalo meat was the best meal they'd ever eaten. In response, buffaloes began to live in herds to protect themselves and ate grass instead of meat.