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The Great Spirit
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As you refuse to explain yourself or to apologize for the damage you have done, I shall punish you. You refuse to speak, so I decree that you shall never speak. From now on, you will only buzz.
―The Great Spirit curses Fly

The Great Spirit is a male god of Africa.

When a fly's actions cause a series of events that result in the crushing of eggs, the Great Spirit punishes him by taking away his speech. Similarly, the Great Spirit hears the distress of the animals who are afraid of Thunder and Lightning, and he banishes them from one place to another until he finally forces them to live in the sky.


Why Flies Buzz

A fly buzzes, which causes a monkey to drop his coconut. The chain of events continues until a bush-fowl's eggs are crushed by a fallen termite nest. For days, Bush-fowl grieves the loss of her eggs and doesn't wake early enough to arouse the sun.

When the sun does not rise, the animals grow worried and call to the Great Spirit in the Sky, who questions Bush-fowl. She explains what had happened, and the Great Spirit tracks the story all the way back to Monkey, who blames Fly for having tickled his nose. The Great Spirit confronts Fly, but Fly refuses to admit his guilt, which leads the Great Spirit to punish Fly by taking his speech.

Thunder and Lightning

A young sheep named Lightning often threw angry fits where his eyes would flash great forks and set fire to the undergrowth. Whenever Lightning would do this, his mother Thunder would yell at him, and her voice would shake the earth, frightening the other animals.

Alarmed by the behavior of the sheeps, the animals went to the Great Spirit for help, and he in turn banished Thunder and Lightning from the forest to live on the savanna. This only angered Lightning, whose eyes flashed and set fire to the undergrowth, prompting a ground-shaking outburst from his mother.

Once more, the Great Spirit told the sheep to leave, this time for the desert. Once there, Lightning grew enraged and set fire to the few plants that grew on the desert. In her rage, Thunder yelled at him and scared off all the other animals. Finally, the Great Spirit banished them to the sky, where they continue to rage and rumble today.

Cruel Chameleon

One day, Mantis is resting beside the river when he encounters the Great Spirit. When prompted by the Great Spirit, Mantis explains that he is tired from carrying water to Chameleon and is taking a rest. Moved by Mantis's kindness, the Great Spirit gives him a flat head to better carry the water and curses Chameleon so that he will only be able to drink small amounts of water at a time and will change color if he becomes angry.

Personality and traits

The Great Spirit is a judicial figure, punishing animals if they show no remorse or change in their poor behavior.