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Name The Great Pond
Home To Mandrills
Appearances The Lion King: Six New Adventures
"We must go to the Great Pond, where everyone gathers."
—Rafiki to Simba

The Great Pond is a central gathering place in Grass Walls.

Physical Attributes

"When they reached the Great Pond, Simba saw that it was the size of a big puddle."
Follow the Leader, Page 36

After a ground-shaking famine, the Great Pond shrinks to the size of a puddle. A few shriveled trees grow around the edge of the pool, and most baboons spend time sitting in their shade and drinking what little water is left in the pond.

Follow the Leader

"A few baboons huddled around the water. Others lay in the little shade under the bare trees."
Follow the Leader, Page 36

Upon reaching a drastically-changed Grass Walls, Rafiki suggests to Simba that they visit the Great Pond, the central gathering place for his baboon troop. But when they reach it, they find it no bigger than a puddle. Most of the baboons are huddled around it, while some rest in the shade of the nearby trees. Dalila is seen washing her baby's hands in the shriveling water.

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