The Great Detectives
Publication Information

Hakuna Matata


1995 – 1997



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The Great Detectives is a magazine story inspired by The Lion King. It was published in two issues of The Lion King: A Nature Fun and Learn Series as part of the Hakuna Matata magazine series.


Timon and Pumbaa try to track down their friend, Simba.


Part 1

The Great Detectives begins by introducing Simba, the self-exiled prince of the Pride Lands, and his two friends, Timon and Pumbaa. At the start of the story, Timon and Pumbaa are searching for Simba, who has gone missing. As they search, Timon realizes that Simba must have gotten kidnapped, and he implores Pumbaa to help him search for Simba detective-style.

The two start by following animal tracks into the woods. Timon insists that the tracks have been made by hyenas, but when he falls down a steep incline, he comes face-to-face with an irritable wildebeest, who tosses him away with his horns. Timon lands in front of Pumbaa, who tries to comfort Timon by pretending to have thought that they were leopard tracks, but to his surprise, Timon latches on to the idea and begins to follow them through the foliage.

Part 2

The two follow the tracks to a water hole, where they figure out that they've been tracking a herd of zebras, not a leopard. Unbeknownst to them, a lioness has been tracking them through the brush, and when she sees the zebra herd, she turns her attention to them instead. When the zebras spot the lioness, they thunder away from the water hole, and Timon and Pumbaa chase after them in a panic.

Eventually, the lioness gives up the chase, and Timon and Pumbaa take a moment to catch their breath. At that moment, Simba appears and greets his friends cheerfully. A flabbergasted Timon accuses Simba of having gone missing that morning, and Simba explains that he'd simply gone for a morning walk. In fact, he'd been following Timon and Pumbaa's tracks ever since they'd left.