The Disguised Zebra
The Disguised Zebra 1
Attribution Information

Werner Wejp-Olsen


Oscar Martin

Publication Information



July 1, 1997



The Disguised Zebra is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Simba and Nala find a lost Zebra foal and they decide to help her get back home.


On a mission to play hide and seek, Simba and Nala find a zebra foal named Zarah crying in a pile of red and yellow leaves. They question her about this, the foal saying she's been separated from her herd and mother. Zarah's heard lives near a large mountain, but the way back is overrun with hyenas. Simba plans to cover Zarah and themselves in mud so the hyenas won't recognize her as a zebra.

The plan succeeds, the trio successfully walking past Shenzi and Banzai to the mountain. At first Zarah's mother doesn't recognize her but after cleaning off the mud Zarah is safely reunited with her mother and herd.

Simba and Nala are grounded by Mufasa for getting dirty again, but rest easy knowing they've helped Zarah get home.


Ed did not appear alongside Shenzi and Banzai.


The following images are the six pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.

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