That's All I Need
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Elton John


Tim Rice


Nathan Lane



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That's All I Need is a song from The Lion King 1½ sung by Timon who wishes to have more in life than dig tunnels while on sentry duty for his colony.


There's more to life than panic
And bein' some other guy's snack
I may be delicious, organic
But this little entrée's fighting back

I'm gonna put diggin' tunnels behind me
And live at a new altitude
I'm gonna reach for the stars to remind me
That meerkats are not merely food!

For once I'll be
Looking out for me

I'll tell you what I want
This kat is moving on
Where he's a bon vivant
who's missing out on bon
I'd be a bigger cheese
far from the desert scene
A little cooling breeze
A little patch of green
And I'll be snoozing in my hammock
By a rippling stream
Many miles from any tunnels
And the digging team
Looking after number one
Will be my only creed
That's all I need
That's all I need

I've always been good at running away
But now I'm gonna run the show
I've always been seen as the ultimate prey
But now my status ain't so quo
A dream sublime
It's Hyena ti---!


Composer(s): Elton John
Lyrics: By: Tim Rice


  • This song reuses the same melody that originates from a deleted song from The Lion King, "The Warthog Rhapsody," which would be replaced by "Hakuna Matata" seen in the final film.[1]
  • A longer version of the song appears on the film's soundtrack.




The Lion King 3 - That's All I Need02:29

The Lion King 3 - That's All I Need

"Scurry Sniff Flinch!"

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