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I'm Swifty. I'm the fastest animal in the region! Nobody can win a race against me!
―Swifty to Simba

Swifty is a cheetah who makes his first and only appearance in The Race.


The Race

Simba: You're not as fast as you say! I know many animals that are faster than you!
Swifty: Oh, really? Still, it seems to me that I'm not as slow as a tiny meerkat, and I'm sure I can run much faster than a fat warthog...and without a doubt, I'm faster than a small lion cub like you. You're so slow you couldn't catch up with a three-legged elephant with a sprain!
—Swifty brags to Simba


Swifty knocks over Timon and Pumbaa

Swifty is a cheetah who lives in or near the jungle. When Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa drink from a waterhole, the cheetah cub approaches them and introduces himself, bragging that he is "the fastest animal in the region." Annoyed, Simba attacks the cheetah but misses. He then challenges Swifty to a race. After insulting the three, Swifty arranges the race date to be that afternoon, deviously remarking that it will be fun.


Swifty trapped by flames

Swifty waits for Timon and Pumbaa at the river, angry at them for being late. The three ready to race until Timon points out that a bad storm is hanging overhead. He suggests the race be put off, but Swifty disagrees and sees this as a way for the trio to escape losing the race.

Angering Simba into participating, Swifty races Simba while being a whole stride in front of Simba. Simba and his friends fall behind as Swifty reaches the cave where they were supposed to be crowned victor, but lightning ignites the grass at the caves entrance, trapping Swifty inside. Swifty calls for help, and Simba comes to his aid but falls in as well. Ultimately, it is Timon and Pumbaa who save the day Swifty maintains the thought that he is the fastest but admits that Simba is the bravest.

Physical appearance

Swifty is a spotted cheetah with red eyes, colorless paws, visible claws, and a scruffy 'mane' on the back of his neck. His ear tips and tail tip are white.

Personality and traits

Swifty is arrogant and mischievous like Simba. Despite this, he is likeable, as he and Simba eventually become friends.