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I'll get you yet, little lion cub! Just ssseee if I don't!
―Swallow-Whole threatens Simba

Swallow-Whole is a snake who makes his first and only appearance in Snake Attack. He attempts to eat Simba and his friends, Timon and Pumbaa.



Swallow-Whole is a python who lived within or close-by the jungle during Scar's reign.

The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Snake Attack

When Timon goes missing, Pumbaa and Simba search for their friend. Their incessant searching alerts Swallow-Whole, who drops down from a tree and wraps his coils around a helpless Simba. As Simba struggles to escape the snake, Pumbaa charges forward and spears the giant python away. Together, the two friends fight him off, but Swallow-Whole manages to corner them on the edge of a cliff, where they're helpless to escape. Thinking quickly, the friends formulate a plan, and Simba dives for Swallow-Whole's head, while Pumbaa attacks the snake's enormous tail. The two manage to trap Swallow-Whole's head in a tree and take off before the snake can wriggle free.

Snake capture Timon

Swallow-Whole prepares to eat Timon

Meanwhile, Timon is curled up beneath a tree, injured from his search for his friends. Swallow-Whole happens to slither nearby and targets the unsuspecting meerkat, hoping that this animal will be easier to catch than the last ones. While Timon sleeps, Swallow-Whole wraps the meerkat in his thick, life-sucking coils. Timon is jolted awake by the sound of Swallow-Whole's voice, and he begins screaming desperately for his friends.

Pumbaa and Simba hear their friend's cries and race to his rescue. As the two face off against the snake, Simba notices a fallen tree branch that's fallen over a rock, one end on the ground, the other in the air. An idea comes to him, and he launches himself at Swallow-Whole, chomping down on his tail. Furious, the snake takes chase, and Simba leads him across the ground-end of the broken branch. Just as Swallow-Whole crosses the branch, Simba yells at Pumbaa to jump, and Pumbaa throws himself onto the other end of the branch, catapulting Swallow-Whole into the air.

Physical appearance

Dangerous enough to take on a full-grown warthog, Swallow-Whole is a massive, thick-bodied python. His scales are patched with black and orange, and his underbelly is tan in color. He has a long pink tongue and glowing yellow eyes.

Personality and traits

Like most snakes in the universe, Swallow-Whole is cunning and deadly, always intent on his next meal. Despite his calm demeanor, he can be easily spun into a fury, as seen when Simba angers him enough to begin a heated chase. Ultimately, Swallow-Whole's bloodlust proves to be his undoing.


  • Swallow-Whole is most likely an African rock python, as he bears many physical similarities to the species.[1]


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