Super Hog-O
Super Hog-o
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Mauro Casalese


Henry Gilroy

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The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa





Air date

March 5, 1999

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"Nest Best Thing"


"Don't Have the Vegas Idea"

"Super Hog-O" is the first segment of the tenth episode of The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa. It aired on March 5, 1999, along with "Don't Have the Vegas Idea".


After an inspiration from a Lightning Lard comic, Pumbaa becomes a superhero.


“Super Hog-O” begins by introducing Timon, a meerkat, and his warthog friend, Pumbaa.

At the start of the episode, while a storm is coming, Pumbaa reads a comic about a warthog superhero called Lightning Lard. Timon shows up to warn his friend about the approaching storm and Pumbaa replies by telling his friend that the lightning strike is what got Lightning Lard to become a superhero.

SuperHog-O screencap

Pumbaa becomes Lightning Lard

Pumbaa then gets struck by lightning, which results in him believing that he has a mind of a superhero. The warthog then turns himself into Lightning Lard and makes Timon his sidekick, Boy Furry, much to the meerkat’s annoyance.

SuperHog-O screencap2

Timon rescues the bear cub from the rock

Later, Timon sees a big rock about to hit a bear cub, who is chasing a butterfly. While Pumbaa tries to come up with a superhero catchphrase, Timon stops the rock, saving the baby bear. But the bear bites Timon’s arm, causing the rock to resume falling. Pumbaa ends up rescuing the bear and the bear’s mother shows up and praises the warthog for what he did (and compliments on his “catchphrase”).

Minutes later, Timon and Pumbaa see the bear cub heading to a crocodile river while chasing a bird. While Pumbaa tries to be fit, knowing that that’s how superhero’s should be, Timon once again attempts rescuing the bear.

SuperHog-O screencap3

Timon tries to cheer his friend up

After successfully escaping the crocodiles, Timon and the baby bear find themselves drowning in quicksand. When Pumbaa saves the bear, the mother bear shows up and once again praises Pumbaa for his action and also compliments on his muscles.

When Timon manages to get out of the quicksand, the meerkat gets fed up and tells Pumbaa that he is not really a superhero and that the lightning just stroke his mind. Realizing that he is nothing but a plain warthog, Pumbaa is saddened takes off his superhero costume. Therefore, Timon attempts to pretend to be in danger, but Pumbaa still finds himself to be useless.

SuperHog-O screencap4

The mother bear praises Pumbaa for saving her baby's life

The storm then approaches and Timon sees the baby bear heading to a nearby cliff. The meerkat tries to get Pumbaa to rescue the bear, but the warthog refuses to do so as he knows that he is not a superhero. Therefore, Timon tries to rescue the bear himself, but the two end up falling off the cliff. Timon grabs on to the edge of the cliff and the bear bites Timon’s other hand to prevent himself from falling.

Since it is now up to Pumbaa to save him and the bear, Timon convinces his friend that he is Lightning Lard after all. Hearing Timon’s words, Pumbaa puts his superhero costume back on and saves Timon and the bear. The mother bear later shows up and once again praises Pumbaa for saving her baby. Pumbaa then tells the mother bear that she should also reward Timon for being his sidekick. However, the mother bear makes her baby bite Timon’s right hand, much to the meerkat’s discomfort.



Guest Starring



  • Bear cub
  • Lightning Lard (comic character)
  • Mother Bear
  • Pumbaa
  • Timon



Organizations and Titles

  • Superhero (temporary)
  • Superhero's sidekick (temporary)