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Sunrise at Pride Rock
Score Info Box 1
Title "Sunrise At Pride Rock"
Cue 1M3 "What Am I Going To Do"
2M3 "Sunrise At Pride Rock"
Composer Hans Zimmer
Length 3:03
For the cut and edited version, see here.

"Sunrise at Pride Rock" is an instrumental score from The Lion King. It was composed by Hans Zimmer but not included in the original soundtrack.


Composed by Hans Zimmer, "Sunrise At Pride Rock" is an instrumental score featured in The Lion King: Complete Score.

The Lion King

"Sunrise at Pride Rock" is the second score heard in the film. It starts playing after Mufasa argues with Scar, when the rainstorm instigates, and continues on throughout Mufasa's lesson about the circle of life. It ends around the time Zazu comes to give the morning report.

The Lion King Stage Musical

Though this score is not apart of the original cast recording, it can be heard during the musical itself in the same sequence of events as its movie counterpart. The score was slightly altered. Officially, the music is split into two parts, titled, "Pridelands" and "Rafiki Paints Simba."[1]


  • Prior releases have named this track as All That The Light Touches.
  • The first thirty seconds of the score were used in the beginning of "This Land."
  • The film omits a section, instead opting to use a flute rendition of the "Busa Simba" theme.
  • The piece is actually comprised of two separate cues joined together. This is evidenced by the use of the second part of the track later in the film, when Timon and Pumbaa wake up Simba.


The Lion King - 1M3 2M3 What Am I Going To Do Sunrise At Pride Rock(03:04)
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