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Stripey (son)

Our home stretches from bushland to river. And we have lots of friends - giraffes and antelopes, flamingos and gazelles. I think you'll enjoy living with us.
―Stripey's mother to her son's new friends

Stripey's mother is a zebra who makes her first and only appearance in Home, Sweet Home.


Stripey's mother's appearance is unknown.


Though her personality is not explored, Stripey's mother is known to be friendly and open to visitors. She is more than delighted to welcome Simba and his friends into her herd and does her best to make them feel at home. When in danger, Stripey's mother is clear-headed and rational. She leads her herd with a steady voice and keeps her head in a scrape, proving a valuable leader with strength and bravery to share.



Stripey's mother is a zebra who lived during Scar's reign. Presumably, she grew up in her herd, where she later became the herd leader.

The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Home, Sweet Home

There's someone here. I can smell their scent. And it's not the scent of a friend!
―Stripey's mother smells the cheetahs

When Stripey offers Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa a place to stay in his herd, Stripey's mother is delighted to take them in and proceeds to welcome them to the herd. The three newcomers briefly join the herd, waking up at dawn every day to traipse the zebras' territory with Stripey's mother and the rest of her herd.

It's not long before trouble arises when three cheetahs target Stripey as potential prey. Stripey's mother first notices the danger when she picks up the cheetahs' scent, and her discomfort only increases when the giraffes begin to look around uneasily. When the cheetahs attack, Stripey's mother calls to her son and begins to lead the herd away. After the attack, Stripey is returned to his mother, and Simba and his friends bid the herd farewell.