Stripey's herd
Stripey Herd
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Stripey's herd


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Home, Sweet Home

Our home stretches from bushland to river. And we have lots of friends - giraffes and antelopes, flamingos and gazelles. I think you'll enjoy living with us.
Stripey's mother to her son's new friends

Stripey's herd is a group of zebras from Home, Sweet Home. They temporarily adopt Simba and his friends into their midst.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Home, Sweet Home

You can live with me in my mother's herd.
―Stripey to his friends

Stripey first mentions his herd when he finds out that Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are searching for a new home. The young zebra colt offers the three a place to stay in his herd, declaring that it would be fun to live with them since they're all so funny. Taking Stripey up on his offer, the three friends briefly join the herd, waking up at dawn every day to traipse the zebras' territory with Stripey and his herd. Stripey even introduces his friends to some giraffes.

Not long after this, Stripey is targeted by cheetahs as potential prey. As the predators close in on the herd, Stripey's mother is forced to lead her herd from danger, calling for Stripey to follow her, but in the panic, the young zebra colt is left behind. With the help of Simba and his friends, Stripey is saved from the cheetahs

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