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Stephen James Taylor
Stephen James Taylor
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Stephen James Taylor

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1978 – Present



Stephen James Taylor is a Los Angeles-based composer best known for his film and TV scores with 4 Emmy nominations ('93 and '97), 2 Annie nominations ('99 and '00) and a DVD-X Award on "Best Original Score (for a DVD Premiere Movie) to date ('05). His style is a blend of pop, classical, jazz, world music and experimental surround sound genres. He composed the music for The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa.


Taylor's primetime music career began in 1981. Joining the composing team of Mike Post and Pete Carpenter, he wrote and orchestrated such shows as Greatest American Hero and Magnum P.I.. He co-wrote the theme to ABC’s Gideon Oliver in 1988 and he was hired by David Chase to write the music for the 2nd season of NBC's I'll Fly Away in 1993. This resulted in Taylor's 2nd Emmy nomination. He also wrote the main title song and underscore for the first few episodes of the CBS show Under the Roof.

Taylor's career in writing music for animation began in 1980, where he worked with Hanna Barbera and Ruby-Spears, running through Spielberg's Tiny Toons Adventures, and he worked on several series for Disney Television Animation in the 1990s, such as Jungle Cubs and Raw Toonage. He composed the main title song and underscore for all three years of Mickey Mouse Works with a 12-piece band that included homemade instruments and fretless guitars.[1]

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