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My baby, my baby. I thought you'd been eaten. And now here you are, returned to us.
―Spike's mother reunites with Spike

Spike's Mother is an ostrich who makes her first and only appearance in Mummy Pumbaa. She is the mother of Spike.


A brightly colored ostrich, Spike's mother is tall and broad, with stunt wings and a long neck and legs. Her main body is deep violet, though her neck is pale pink in color, as are strips of feathers on her wings and on the tip of her tail. Her eye rims and legs are a darker pink, with her beak and eyes being bright orange.


Though stiff when it comes to strangers, Spike's mother eventually warms to those she knows she can trust, and she proves to be an amiable ostrich.



Spike's mother is an ostrich who lived within or close-by the jungle during Scar's reign. She took a mate and laid eight eggs, one of which got lost before it hatched.

The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Mummy Pumbaa

After Spike is lost in the jungle, he is adopted by Pumbaa and his friends, Simba and Timon. However, the little ostrich proves too much to take care of, and Pumbaa returns him to his mother, whom he encounters near the spot where Spike's egg had been found.

At first, Spike's mother is suspicious of the trio, but she eventually recognizes her son's voice from when he'd been in his egg. Delighted, she welcomes him back to her family and thanks Pumbaa profusely for taking care of her son. As the trio walk away, Spike's mother joins her family in welcoming back Spike.