Sokwe's troop
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Sokwe's troop




The Theluji Mountains

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The Lion Guard

[Hafifu and Majinuni's] father is King Sokwe of the Mountain Gorillas. A long time ago, he and I made a peace treaty. Now, every wet season, he sends a message to let me know if he still agrees to the peace. Or not.
Simba on Sokwe's troop

Sokwe's troop is a group of gorillas who live in the Theluji Mountains. Their king, Sokwe, is under a treaty of peace with Simba, the king of the Pride Lands.


The Lion Guard

"The Lost Gorillas"

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Sokwe entrusts Kion with a peace message to Simba, the king of the Pride Lands

Sokwe, the king of the Mountain Gorillas, entrusts a message of peace to his sons, Hafifu and Majinuni, to be delivered to Simba, the king of the Pride Lands. However, on their way to the Pride Lands, the brothers get lost and require the help of the Lion Guard to return home.

Once the gorilla brothers return to the Theluji Mountains, Sokwe forgives them for their mistake and praises them for their bravery in rescuing Simba's son, Kion, on the journey back home. Kion asks Sokwe what his message for Simba is, and Sokwe instructs Kion to toss a snowball over Simba's head and yell, "Kuishi ni kucheka!" When Simba gets the message, he is amused and declares that no one delivers a peace message quite like King Sokwe.

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