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Timon in Trouble

Snarl's pack is a group of cape dogs. They are led by Snarl.


Timon in Trouble

When Timon the meerkat wanders off on his own, Snarl and his pack stalk him in the hopes of scoring an easy meal. Timon catches their scent while climbing up a mound of rocks and sees the pack swarming at the base of the pile. Snarl guides the pack in the hunt, snapping at them to not make a difficult task out of catching one small meerkat. He then reminds the pack that he will be the one who gets the first bite of their prey.

As Timon scrambles to escape the cape dogs, he spots a sliver in the rocks and attempts to hide inside, where he will be out of reach of the pack. Furious, Snarl and his followers begin to dig Timon free, with Snarl forcing his muzzle inside the crevice.

Just then, the pack is alerted to a rockslide, and they scramble away in terror. Snarl and a few cape dogs manage to escape, but some of the pack get crushed beneath the falling rocks. A wounded Snarl mourns the loss of his pack mates and begins to climb up the pile again to exact his revenge on Timon. As he is climbing, one of his pack mates warns him of the approach of Pumbaa and Simba, Timon's powerful friends. Undeterred, Snarl tries to rally the pack to him, but they scatter in fear, and Snarl is left to brave the new arrivals on his own.

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