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Snakey is a snake who makes his/her first and only appearance in Simba and the Snake.



Snakey lived in the Pride Lands during the reign of Mufasa.

Simba and the Snake

At the beginning of the comic, Nala is playfully chasing Snakey. Nala admits that some of her friends are afraid of snakes but that she thinks Snakey is very nice. Nala then leaves Snakey to go play with Simba.

After Simba loses his confidence by getting into trouble, Nala tells Sarabi that she knows a friend who can help Simba feel better. Some time later, Nala and Snakey work out a plan, and Sarabi pretends to be under attack by Snakey. Simba hears his mother crying and arrives to scare Snakey away. Sarabi and her friend then compliment Nala for restoring Simba's confidence, but Nala thinks that Snakey deserves the credit. At the end of the comic, Simba boasts to the other animals about how he bravely scared Snakey away.

Physical appearance

Snakey is a short snake with red scales and green stripes. His/Her underbelly is lighter red, and his/her eyes are yellow.


Unlike most snakes in the Pride Lands, Snakey is friendly and very playful, especially when around his/her best friend Nala. Snakey is also willing to help Nala by putting himself/herself into a potentially embarrassing situation in order to instill confidence in Simba.