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Snake Attack
Snake Attack
The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Snake Attack is a story from the Hakuna Matata magazine series.


Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba are out at night, looking for a safe place to sleep. Simba tells them not to worry, and that he'll protect them during the night from anything that may come up. Pumbaa admits he's afraid of Hyenas, Timon admits he doesn't like Snakes, but Simba refuses to admit anything. Timon doesn't believe Simba's claims of not being afraid of anything, and the two find him missing that same night.

Pumbaa suspects he's been eaten, and when he hears a howl, urges Simba to check out the sound. Simba comes face to face with the skull of a Hyena, being puppeted by Timon, and flees when it roars at him. The ruckus attracts then attention of a nearby snake named Swallow-Whole. When Simba wanders beneath his coils, he drops from the tree he was in and begins constricting the cub. Pumbaa tries to save the cub, but misses in his attack. Simba saves himself by scratching Swallow-Whole's nose and getting away. They get caught again when Pumbaa fails to get up and run fast enough.

Meanwhile, Timon is immobilized by his sprained ankle, and hopes his friends will come and find him. They are battling Swallow-Whole, however, and Pumbaa suggest attack his front and Tail end, correctly guessing the Snake wouldn't expect them both to fight back. He shakes free of them, slamming Simba against a rock and turns to attack Pumbaa but the Warthog side-steps the snake. Simba and Pumbaa proceed to get away, loosing Swallow-Whole but leading him right to Timon, who has decided to go to sleep without them.

Swallow-Whole creeps up on Timon, but before he can eat them Pumbaa and Simba save him.


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