Small Giants
Small Giants 1
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Werner Wejp-Olsen


Gustavo Machado

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March 1998



Small Giants is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


Simba wants to play with the ants. When Mufasa sees it, he immediatelly goes to tell Simba that he shouldnt behave like that. Simba then has a terrifying dream about giant ants and realizes, that he should behave nicely to ants.


Small Giants begins with Simba and Nala relaxing in the sun, and Simba tells Nala to watch the ants walking to and from all day long. For his own amusement, Simba tries to get Nala to play a game with a twig to poke at the ants, although Nala refuses to because of the severe heat. Anyway, Simba proceeds to poke at the ant hill with a twig, and sucks water in his mouth to splash the ants. When Mufasa sees what his son's actions, he asks him what he is doing, in which Simba replies he is just having fun. Mufasa adds on telling Simba that he must have respect for all animals, no matter how small they are, and tells that if the ants were ten times his size, he would not stand a chance against them. Therefore, the ants would dominate the Pride Lands over the lions.

Immediately after that, Simba dismisses this, and soon wonders where Nala is, and finds himself in a canyon. Simba runs around wondering where in the savanna is he, and suddenly hears a nearby rumbling sound. It would later reveal itself to Simba as a trio of gigantic ants, and one of them crushes a giant rock as if it is a pebble. Simba runs in horror of this, and tells Mufasa (who is with Rafiki) that there are giant ants coming towards them, and when the ants arrive, all of the animals in the Pride Lands flee. While fleeing with other, Simba stumps his front paw over a rock, and one of the giant ants corners him, causing the young cub to plead for mercy stating he would never bother ants again.

Finally, Nala attempts to wake Simba, who is having a nightmare, up. Simba quickly arises from his nightmare, and runs to apologize to the ants at their ant hill for teasing them, and that he'll never do it again.


The following images are the six pages of this comic translated to English unofficially from its original language.

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