The Sky God
The Sky God
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If you can perform three difficult tasks, I will allow you to have my stories. These are the tasks: I want you to bring me a swarm of bees, a slithering python, and a lively leopard.
―The Sky God to Anansi

The Sky God is a male god of Africa.

Long ago, most stories were told about the Sky God. A spider named Anansi strove to become the subject of these stories instead and let his intentions be known to the Sky God, who agreed to Anansi's request. Before giving over his stories, the Sky God required Anansi to bring him three objects: a swarm of bees, a python, and a leopard. Anansi fulfilled the three tasks, and the stories about the Sky God dwindled, while stories of Anansi became commonplace.


A long time ago, the Sky God was the subject of most stories. Anansi the spider desired to be as prominent as the Sky God, and asked the deity what he should do to achieve his goal. The Sky God told Anansi that he must prove himself worthy first by completing three difficult tasks: capture a swarm of bees, a python, and a leopard.

Anansi successfully completed all three tasks, and the Sky God deemed him worthy to be the subject of the world's stories. From that day on, stories of the Sky God dwindled, while tales of Anansi spread far and wide.