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He Has Heard[1]







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The Dingling Brothers Circus


Circus Monkey

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The Dingling Brothers Circus is proud to present Simon!
—Simon practices being introduced

Simon is a monkey who makes his first and only appearance in the The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa episode "Big Top Breakfast."


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Big Top Breakfast"

Simon and his father are on a plane that is on its way to a circus, with Simon practicing his act. When his act fails, Simon believes that he's a bad circus performer, but his father tells him that one day, the spotlights will be on him.

Meanwhile, the clown pilots practice some stunt flying erratically to make it their circus' attraction, but they unintentionally cause Simon and his crate of circus stuff to fall out of the aircraft. Simon and the crate of circus stuff lands in the Serengeti, where he encounters Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, who are planning to eat him. However, when the hyenas get distracted by an argument, Simon manages to escape them.

Simon cornered

Simon cornered by the hyenas

While the hyenas make a plan on how they can catch and eat Simon, the monkey is in a jungle, running away from other animals such as an owl, a frog, and a snake. He then hears circus music playing and makes his way to it. He soon discovers that the circus is a setup planned by the hyenas, who make him perform different circus acts.

Simon on Ball

Simon outsmarting the trio

For the final act, the hyenas make Simon dive inside a pot of stew. While the hyenas celebrate their plan on eating Simon being successful, the monkey manages to get out of the pot by making the stew spill out as he surfs on a carrot. The hyenas realize that Simon escaped and they go after him. Simon outsmarts the three by telling ball jokes and hiding inside a cannon.

When the hyenas wonder how they can get Simon out of the cannon, Ed suggests that they press the Launch button, which Banzai does (misreading it as "Lunch"). The cannon launches Simon back to the Dingling Brothers Circus plane, where he reunites with his father.

Physical appearance

Short and thin, Simon is a young monkey. His main pelt is blue-gray, with his face being peach and his nose being pink in color. The palm of his hands and his feet are pinkish-brown, with his stomach matching their color.

Being a circus monkey, Simon wears a fez that is red at the top, dark red in the middle, and yellow at the bottom. He also wears a black vest and a red bowtie.

Personality and traits

Simon circus trick

Simon juggling while standing on a ball

Simon is shown to be somewhat cowardly and timid. Not only does he fear Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed as they try to catch and eat him, he gets scared by some other animals found in a nearby jungle, such as an owl and a frog. Despite his cowardliness, Simon also has a brave and clever side. He manages to outsmart the hyenas by doing stand-up comedy and getting them to press a button to make a cannon launch him back to the circus aircraft.

At first, Simon thought he was a terrible circus performer, but while he was stranded in the Serengeti with the hyenas, he started to improve his acts.

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