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Simba and the Lost Waterfall
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Simba and the Lost Waterfall is a book from Mouseworks based on Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa.


Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are napping in the jungle when Timon suggests they go for a swim by a waterfall. But were surprised when they reached the waterfall, and they found a dried up riverbed, with a few shallow polls.

Determined to solve the mystery of where the water went, they followed the dry riverbed. They turned the corner and saw that a great big tree had fallen and blocked the river. They then all went to work trying to remove the tree. Timon tried to chew through the tree. Pumbaa tried to push it. And Simba pulled. But nothing was working. "It's no use," said Simba. "We're just not strong enough, but I know who is." Then Simba left his friends through the jungle to go get help.

A while later, Simba returned with Zazu and his old friend Jelani, the elephant. At first, Jelani tried pushing the tree, but that did not work. Zazu then shouted orders for everyone to find strong vines to tie around the tree and to themselves. Simba, Pumbaa, and Jelani all pulled the tree out of the way, while Timon shouted orders from the side. Pumbaa yelled for Timon to "watch out" for the incoming water. "Just pull Pumbaa, I'll give the orders here!". The tree moved and water rushed down the riverbed, washing Timon away. Luckily, Simba snatched Timon from the water. Things were finally back to normal. Pumbaa and Simba splashed in the river, as Timon watched from the bank. He'd had enough water for one day.


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