Simba and Nala Help Bomo
Simba and Nala Help Bomo
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Simba and Nala Help Bomo is a book inspired by The Lion King.


On a beautiful day, Simba is playing around, trying to be spooky. The others say that he should quit being silly, but Nala wants to play with Simba. Despite her enthusiasm, he refuses. Soon, the two hear the cries of somebody in distress. They look through the tall grass and find a baby elephant named Bomo, who has been separated from his mother. The cubs try using a log to push Bomo out, but Simba falls into the mud. Nala soon gets another idea. She finds a bunch of leaves and sticks it on Simba's fur. Simba questions her plan, but she explains it to him in a whisper. Understanding, Simba runs up a hill, scaring the grazing animals. They begin run toward the tall grass. A buffalo named Kula hits the stick, freeing Bomo. Relieved to be freed, Bomo offers his saviors a ride back to Pride Rock.

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