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Silverback is a gorilla who makes his first and only appearance in Simba Meets Silverback. He befriends Pumbaa, Simba, and Timon.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Simba Meets Silverback

When Simba and his friends chase after a young gorilla for stealing their fruit, Silverback rears out of the leaves in the defense of his son. Terrified, the three back away and offer to let the young gorilla keep the fruit. As they back away, more and more gorillas gather around them.

Silverback with son

Silverback with his son

Simba starts to retreat, but just then, he notices a leopard stalking the young gorilla. He lunges at it and manages to chase it away from the gorillas, but in his lunge, Simba knocks Silverback's son down a steep slope, and the infant lands in a tangle of thorns at the bottom of the slope. Silverback graciously reassures Simba that this isn't his fault, but the young lion resolves to save the infant gorilla anyway.

In a panic, Simba leaps his way down the gully until he reaches the motionless young gorilla. Seeing no way of escaping on his own, Simba calls for help, and Silverback rips a tree free from the earth and lowers it over the side of the gully. With the little gorilla clinging to his back, Simba climbs up the tree trunk, where helping hands are waiting to pull him to safety.

With the young gorilla safe, Silverback compliments Simba on his bravery, to which Simba replies in kind. No sooner has this happened when Timon begins to teach the young gorilla how to play baseball. Catching on to the game rather quickly, the young gorilla bats a piece of fruit right into Timon's head, and even Silverback laughs in amusement.

Physical appearance

Silverback is enormous in size, so large that even a young adult Simba steers clear of a fight with him. His facial features reflect his huge size, with his brows, muzzle, and nostrils being particularly large in size, and his pelt is a rich reddish-brown. His face, feet, and underbelly are tan, and his eyes are orange.

Personality and traits

Though at first rough around the edges, Silverback becomes a docile, respectable animal once his trust has been earned. He recognizes bravery and is not rash in his decisions, recognizing Simba's good heart despite the circumstances. A family-oriented creature, Silverback will fight to protect his troop, even at the cost of his life.