Sigmund and Lloyd
Sigmund and Lloyd


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Sigmund and Lloyd's white lion show


Lion Show Runners

Sigmund and Lloyd are a pair of men who run a lion show in Las Vegas.


The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa

"Don't Have the Vegas Idea"

While Timon and Pumbaa are walking in Las Vegas, Nevada, they find a seafood restaurant and see lobsters, which they mistake for bugs, through the window. They walk in the restaurant but then get thrown out since they don't have any money. The two then see that there is a show that involves two white lions named Heinrich and Schnitzel and their trainers, Sigmund and Lloyd. Timon suggests that he and Pumbaa join the show so that they can make money for the seafood restaurant.

When Timon and Pumbaa enter the show, they see Heinrich and Schnitzel sitting in their cage and then see Sigmund and Lloyd arguing and breaking up. So Timon decides to run the show himself. He and Pumbaa enter the cage and the show begins.

Later, Pumbaa, who was at first afraid of Heinrich and Schnitzel since lions eat warthogs, enjoys the lions' performance while Timon is frightened by their harsh behaviors. The meerkat sees Sigmund and Lloyd sitting on separate tables from each other refusing to talk to each other. Pumbaa then has an idea for a television special and the two men reunite and decide to run the show again. Though, on Heinrich and Schnitzel's condition, Sigmund and Lloyd get tormented by the lions.

Personalities and traits

Sigmund and Lloyd can be rather sarcastic towards each other when they are first seen, but then they have a good heart when they reunite.


  • The duo are a play on Siegfried and Roy, two contemporary magician entertainers who became well known for training big cats.


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