Savannah Summit
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Savannah Summit
Mizimu Grove
Pride Lands
Cape buffalo
Species collaborate for the dry season
The Lion Guard

The Savannah Summit is the yearly collaboration between key species in the Pride Lands in which the dry season is accounted and planned for. The monarch of the kingdom presides over the meeting and maintains peace between species.



During the dry season, species of the Pride Lands must collaborate on subjects such as water usage and sleeping location. Key leaders will discuss strategies and potential solutions for each problem, with the monarch residing over each agreement.

The Lion Guard

"The Savannah Summit"

Simba, the king of Pride Rock, gathers several key leaders for the Savannah Summit. These leaders include: Bupu of the antelope, the baboon leader, Vuruga Vuruga of the cape buffalo, Makuu of the crocodiles, Ma Tembo of the elephants, Twiga of the giraffes, and Mbeya of the rhinoceroses.

When the Summit is called, Simba's son Kion mistakes Makuu for an enemy and tackles him in front of the other leaders. Simba chastises his son and vouches for Makuu's position in the Summit. However, the other leaders do not readily accept him, and Twiga and Vuruga Vuruga set a trap for him. The Lion Guard manages to spring the trap, and Makuu is saved from harm.

The Summit proceeds, and Makuu announces to the other animals that he had had every intention of helping out the Pride Lands, even though they had been unwilling to give him a chance. He then announces that the Summit may proceed. The other species leaders proceed to act graciously with him and are willing to negotiate with his float.


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